Hello ! I'm Kristin.

I help working moms with high stress jobs listen to their inner knowing in their career and personal lives

in order to become more confident, fulfilled and balanced

so they can create a sustainable career, be in control of their lives and have more fun without the mom guilt.

Ready to get started? Click the link for the 5 More Hours Challenge to learn how to use your intuition to manifest 5 more hours/week.

I'll take it!

Conscious Confidence Course

Lean into your spirituality and reclaim your true nature so you can free yourself from mom guilt, prioritize your own needs and increase your confidence.

Learn how embracing your spirituality is not only possible, but the key to unlocking genuine self-confidence and career satisfaction

Who Am I?

Hi! I'm Kristin and I am an Ob/Gyn practicing in New Hampshire. I lost myself in my medical training and it almost cost me my career. Thankfully, I made the choice to listen to my inner knowing and allow intuition to take control in my personal and professional life.

I help working moms with high stress jobs embrace their inner knowing and spirituality in order to overcome self-doubt, rumination and concern over other people's opinions. We are trained to use the functions of the left hemisphere of our brains at the expense of our joy and happiness.

By reengaging our true nature (and all the woo!), we are able to finally create a career that is enjoyable and sustainable while balancing our families needs with our own without the guilt.