3 Things Confident Doctors

Never Do

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The Most Common Causes of Self-Doubt

Most women feel like they're not enough. If you're a physician, than this is likely causing you significant distress in your career. I'll reveal the most common reasons we doubt ourselves


What No One Ever Told You About Confidence

If you crave confidence but also feel that it is not possible for you, it's likely because of this one thing that most women believe. I'll explain what that is and how it can change everything.


What You Must Stop Doing Immediately

I'll teach exactly what we do that prevents us from overcoming self-doubt and how to stop doing it once and for all.


How Amazing Your Life Can Be When You're Not Doubting Yourself

Self-doubt is preventing you from the life you were meant to have. Once you overcome it, you will be able to achieve any goal you set for yourself. Maybe it's to get that promotion or lose the weight or actually enjoy your time off and not worry about work all the time. You deserve to enjoy your job and your life without second guessing every decision you make or constantly worrying about making a mistake. All of that is possible for you.

""After 12 years as an attending, I wondered what was holding my confidence back? Dr. Yates encouraged me to see that I am worth the time focusing on my goals! I spend a lot of time helping others, which I do love, BUT I can be a stronger doctor, mother and wife by reacquainting myself with me!""


Your Success Was Not "Luck" or "A fluke" or "Chance"...

You earned it!

Even if you've never been able to shake that doubt in yourself, this masterclass with show you that you're not alone, explain exactly the reasons you feel the way that you do and offer actionable steps to take to increase your confidence and get rid of that feeling of "I'm not enough".

How many times have you looked around at your colleagues and wondered "how are they so confident? Am I the only one who feels this doubt in myself?" I've been there! Join me to finally learn how to get control over your self-doubt.

A Note From The Instructor...

Hi! I'm Kristin Yates and I am a Full Time Ob/Gyn and Life Coach. I also host a podcast called "Imposter to Unstoppable" where I am destigmatizing imposter syndrome in medicine.  My goal is to help women recognize their incredible and inherent value while supporting and empowering them to do all of the amazing things they were meant for (and have fun doing it)!

Get Masterclass for only $7